Officers and Board

Mark Speltz
Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals
(515) 281-8587
Elected 2020, 1-year term

Vice President
Nancy Beyer
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
930 Wildwood, PO Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570
(573) 522-6058
Elected 2020, 1-year term

Past President
Phillip Fruechting
Arkansas Department of Health
(501) 661-2809

Scott Platt
Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals
(515) 669-3953
Elected 2020, 3-year term

Director (MCAFDO Affiliate Representative to the AFDO Board)
Deanna Copeland
Harris County Public Health Department
(713) 274-6300
Elected 2020, 2-year term


Director #1
Hunter McClellan
Nebraska Department of Agriculture
(402) 471-3422
Elected 2020, 2-year term with staggered election periods

Director #2
Justin McConaghy
Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture Food & Forestry
(405) 522-3928 – Office
(405) 215-7397 – Cell Phone
Appointed in 2020, filling term of position previously vacated.  Position to be elected again in 2021, 2-year term with staggered election periods.

Advisors to the MCAFDO Board

These positions consist of one individual from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), individuals from Industry, and at least one individual from each MCAFDO region State with, or without, a representing, voting Board Member.  Advisor positions are non-voting board members.

Food & Drug Administration Representative
Angela Kohls
(785) 564-6762
Appointed 2015, no term limit specified

Food Processing Industry Representative
Sue Holbert
ConAgra Foods
(402) 240-6883
Appointed 2015, no term limit specified

Retail Industry Representative
Sarah Garcia
Casey’s General Stores
(515) 446-6436
Appointed 2020, no term limit specified

Dionne Crawford
McDonalds Corporation
Appointed 2020, no term limit specified

State Representatives

Steve Moris
Kansas Department of Agriculture
(785) 564-6767
Appointed 2020, no term limit specified

Bryan Buchwald
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry
(405) 397-1895
Appointed 2015, no term limit specified

Jason Guzman
Texas Department of State Health Services
(512) 834-6788
Appointed 2019, no term limit specified