Definition of Awards

Outstanding MCAFDO Award

Presented to an individual or individuals with accomplishments of an outstanding nature which have occurred in the past year by an individual or a group of individuals. Accomplishments need not be limited to the individual’s field of endeavor. A single award will be given in this category.

Recognition MCAFDO Award

Presented to an individual or individuals at the annual Mid-Continental Association Conference. This award recognizes individual(s) who, in their daily job-related activities, have been recommended by their peers as deserving special recognition. This award is divided into the following types:

Ruth Hendy Award

Also known as the ‘Administrator Award‘, is presented to an individual or individuals who hold the rank of Supervisor or above. A single award will be given in this category.

Achievement Award

Presented to an individual or individuals whose job involved other than Administrative, such as investigator, laboratory, etc. A single award will be given in this category.

Special Recognition Award

Presented to MCAFDO members as they achieve a variety of milestones in their career.  Examples include years of service to MCAFDO, retirement, or representing and promoting MCAFDO in a professional manner. Other milestones will be considered by the Awards Committee. Multiple awards may be given in this category.  Awards for retirement may be requested throughout the year in order to be presented timely.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall be comprised of one current MCAFDO member, at least one current MCAFDO Board member and one current MCAFDO Board advisor appointed each year. Awards Committee members may serve multiple and consecutive years on the committee. Members will be asked to serve on the Awards Committee by the current MCAFDO President.


The Awards Committee will send out the request for award nominations not less than three months prior to the annual conference.  Received nominations will be reviewed by the committee members and the winners selected.  The award committee will also select appropriate plaques, certificates, or other award type based on the award and the budget determined by the MCAFDO Board. Award winners will be determined by simple majority vote of the Awards Committee.  If there is a situation where a nomination is not received for an award, the award will not be given for that year.

All awards will be announced at the MCAFDO Annual Conference.

Nomination Process

MCAFDO members wishing to nominate an individual or individuals for an award or awards should submit the following information in writing to the awards committee.  The deadline for nominations and any special instructions will be included in the request for nominations from the Awards Committee.  Written nominations are required for all award types and all awards will be presented at the MCAFDO Annual Conference.  Recipients of awards must be current members of MCAFDO.

In the case of retirements, the membership must be current at the time of retirement.  Requests for retirement recognitions should be received at least 3 weeks prior to the presentation date.

  • Name, agency and title of the individual being nominated.
  • Award they are being nominated for.
  • Reason they are deserving of the award.

Please submit your written nomination(s) electronically to: Scott Platt: